Directioner. Niall James Horan ever since So Sick. I'm Patricia, 16 year old potato from Cebu, PH. You can talk to me whenever you want, I love meeting/talking to people. I give advice too don't be afraid to message me yeah? I wouldn't mind if you rant on me too. I'd love to talk anytime and help if ever. Love you 1DFamily xoxo :)
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Patricia Horan

Harry Imagine - Mature

It’s been awhile since you and your husband, Harry made love. You couldn’t freely do it anytime with your two children around. Today, you just couldn’t help but think about it. You were cooking breakfast for your kids when he woke up, giving you a kiss on the cheek. “Morning babe” he greeted you first before going to your children, giving them the same. “Darcy, careful not to drip on your uniform honey” you watched her, slowly feeding herself “Luke, hurry up babe! You’ll be late” now, you were calling your eldest son who was still making his way down the stairs. It took an hour for the children to finally get out of the house. Harry was still on the table, reading the newspaper and watching tv at the same time.You bit your lip wondering if you should talk to him about your sex drive recently. “Here goes nothing” you utter to yourself before walking towards him. “Hey babe” kissing his neck, you try to speak to him through body language but he didn’t mind, making you give up and sit across him. You thought of another attempt to get his attention, gathering all your hair and clipping it into a messy but sexy bun, exposing your flawless chest and gorgeous C’s. He glanced at you a bit, making you smile thinking he finally got it. “You alright babe?” you twitched, finally losing it. Standing up, you hurried to the room, laying yourself down the bed murmuring until you felt someone hug you from behind “What’s wrong?” he asked. You were so annoyed that you pulled yourself away from him, walking to the bathroom. Suddenly, Harry pulled you back to him, giving you a good snog which you didn’t resist. He carried you to the bed and took his shirt off. You eyed him for awhile, licking your bottom lip unintentionally, making him smirk. He crawled sexily to you, whispering “Tell me, baby. What’s making you so angry?” you shivered as he nibbled your ear. There was no way you were gonna give him the satisfaction but knowing Harry, he will tease you for as long as he can take it. And he can really hold himself back for however long he would want to do so. “Harry Styles, I swear. If you don’t fuck me now, I will never sleep beside you ever again. You hear me?” you whispered back, getting hot headed. He giggled at your response and took your fitting spaghetti strapped top out. You could feel his manhood hardening. Maybe it was because of your breasts which always drove him insane. Not being able to wait, you unhooked it yourself throwing it across the room. Without second thoughts, he hungrily sucked the first one and had is hand playing with the other. “Mmm babe” you moaned from his skills. His mouth left you mountains wet, trailing down your stomach then taking your mini shorts off, revealing your hot red thong. “What’s the matter baby?” you asked him, slowly bringing your hands down, rubbing his hard member. “Ugggh. If you don’t stop that, I will destroy your fucking pussy” he moaned “Oooh. I’m so scared” you rolled your eyes, making him the angry bird now. In a swift second, he removed the clothing, sending it off with your bra, sliding one finger in then another, then another. “Fuck. Mmm. Harr- Ughhhhhhh” you couldn’t help but moan with his fast pumping. “Oh no you don’t” flipping him over, you removed his boxers crawling into him, making sure your skin is rubbing on it. “I don’t think you want me, baby” whispering seductively, you leveled your wet pussy with his hard dick. “I want you. Now!!!” he was catching his breath. Your hand pumped it slowly then faster and faster making him near his climax but before he could release, he pinned you down the bed, inserting himself in “Fucccck. Harry. Ughhhh Faster baby” you screamed at the top of your lungs as your intercourse grew more intense every second that passed by “Babe I’m coming!” you dug your nails into his naked back, releasing your liquids. He rolled over, pulling the sheets to cover you then pulling you close to him. “You could’ve just told me you were horny you know” he whispered kissing your forehead. “Hm. I will from now on” you replied, snuggling to his chest.

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